To Entertain Is To Engage

Hear and Now Entertainment has accelerated its position as one of the UK’s leaders in entertainment consultancy since its inception in 2012. Our distinctive outlook and methods have allowed us to implement the unique strategy of manufacturing our own high quality acts to deliver customised entertainment to national and international hospitality outlets all over the world.


Hear and Now Entertainment aim to mirror the ambience and atmosphere of its client's outlets by producing individually tailored acts which complement the themes of each unique establishment and drive customer experience. Entertainment is key to the hospitality trade as it can help retain clientele, increase average spend and enhance the overall experience of the consumer.


Hear and Now Entertainment is focused on our unique vision to take society’s passion for live entertainment and embed it into all aspects of the hospitality business - propelling live entertainment to the forefront of every consumer experience and aiming to be at the cutting edge of the industry for decades to come.

It’s been a real pleasure working with you
— Grand Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi